What’s a UX Engineer?

Generally speaking, a UXE (User Experience Engineer) is someone who uses design thinking and user behavioral data…

A proposal for a public restrooms ratings system

Male and female illustrations, indicating they need to use the bathroom
Photo by Olivier Collet on Unsplash

“Trust us. ”

Oh come on, how bad could it…

Learnings from my first year at Intuit

“Intuit thrives by constantly disrupting itself.”

It’s been a whole year since I first heard that phrase. Since my first day of orientation, I’ve learned a ton and wanted to share out my journey.

Embracing fear

I’ve observed a common three-word response when anyone wanted to improve how we do things: “What’s stopping you?”

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When it comes to designing products, it’s not always about dollars and cents.

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Mmmmm… vanilla

Brief Intro

This article is for people who never really had someone explain how JavaScript works and explains it in simple, applicable terms.

Why is this important?

I used to think learning JavaScript was pointless. I already knew jQuery, so what was the point? After all, it…

Picking your topic

Don’t be hasty. This decision will influence how many people want to attend your session. Pick something too esoteric and you’ll lose out on attendees that are more junior in their field. …

Brief Intro

This article is mainly for people who are struggling with the current React documentation and need a little bit more explanation as to what is going on.

Basic Jargon

JSX: It looks like HTML in your JS file. The most…

Why should I hire a design manager?

Design teams without a manager usually suffer from the following:

  • A mismatch of skills and responsibilities
  • Poor user/client feedback
  • A disconnect between product, sales, and development

Not having a buffer

Having a manager means having someone who can process…

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